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媒體報導 - 隱形香港 Media Coverage - HK01

English version is below. 我們TNX的保育工作其實大部分時間都不為人知丶毫不顯眼丶需時及重覆,但對於我們日後計劃又極其重要。




The kind of conservation and preservation work TNX does can be time-consuming, repetitive and might not be newsworthy or even noteworthy but we firmly believe it lays the pivotal groundwork for our future planning.

Education is the core of our mission and though it is a long endeavour, we hope to gradually and effectively re-introduce neon and enable it to be seen in a new light. The struggles some business owners might have encountered when trying to keep their neon signage to us, also deserve to be known.

We would like to thank the journalist and photographer of 隱形香港, who showed a genuine interest in our work and patience throughout the hourslong interview.

*Anyone is welcomed to repost our news/content but please respect the content etiquette rules and cite your source. #HongKongNeon #SavingHongKongNeon #HongKongNeonConservation #NeonConservation #TetraNeonExchange

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