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Christopher Doyle shows support for Pascal's Hong Kong Neon project 瑞士攝影師Hong Kong Neon 相集獲杜可風支持

(English version can be found below) 不少藝術家都未必擅長辭令,要面對鏡頭獨白更是難事,Pascal亦不例外而他本想把焦點全放在霓虹屈管師傅及書法家身上。 但當我們向他提議現身讓更多人認識他時,為了香港霓虹,他非常樂意作新嘗試,他亦想和支持他眾籌計劃的人道謝(法語獨白加英語字幕)。

他還特意為片段營造霓虹效果以配合主題。事實上,他對香港霓虹的熱愛源於杜可風先生參與的一系列斐聲國際電影如<2046>、<墮落天使>及<花樣年華>等,而因這份熱愛驅使的7年霓虹相集/記錄項目也獲得其非常尊敬的啓蒙者杜可風先生支持。他們倆在百忙中會面交流,而杜可風先生更親自為此作品Hong Kong Neon撰寫了一篇文章,實在是惺惺相惜難能可貴。



Putting thoughts into words may not be the strong suit for many artists. To do a monologue in front of a camera could be even more nerve-wracking. Pascal is no exception and originally would like the neon master and calligrapher featured to come under the spotlight . When we proposed to him to let more people get to know him, he explained, 'I dont like it but I do it for the neon signs of HK!'. He was happy to take up the challenge and would like to thank those who have backed and are going to back his campaign (In French but with English Subtitles).

In the clip, Pascal even tried to create neon-inspired ambience to go with the theme, for fun. As a matter of fact, his passion for Hong Kong neon all started from a series of movies Mr. Christopher Doyle 杜可風participated in, including 2046, The Fallen Angels, In The Mood For Love, etc. This passion from the heart motivated Pascal to complete this 7-year project, which later earned him the chance to meet Mr. Doyle in person and a beautifully article written particularly for this project by his mentor.

Now Mr. Doyle's team kindly accepted our proposal and join forces with us to get this project known by more people, aiming at realising it and having it published.

Please be reminded that the campaign will end at 9:55pm HK time, 8 Oct 2020 so please seize this opportunity to support Pascal and Hong Kong neon!

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