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Tetra Neon Exchange walks with Pascal on his Hong Kong Neon journey

(Please scroll down for Chinese version) The content of Pascal’s photobook Hong Kong Neon including this teaser, did not come easy at all. As someone that does not even speak the local language without direct access to the local neon industry, in the process, Pascal had to deal with many bumps in the road. Many of his interview requests fell on deaf ears but he was not deterred.

His sheer determination moved us TNX, which facilitated this collaboration especially when realised, sadly but fairly, many parties could only provide support after the book could be released. As a visionary, TNX takes it as our mission to help promote this kickstarter campaign by doing more than just sharing the news. Despite the challenges faced, It is our honour and our way of appreciation for Pascal's hard work done for HK neon.

TNX also found out directly from Pascal that on his quest, many HK people selflessly offered help along the way. It deepened his bond with the city. Hong Kong neon has beautifully brought people together. Since becoming aware of it, TNX has been trying to locate and connect the parties that individually pitched in their efforts based on their expertise in putting the content together - Eldage 傳耆 The Hong Kong Neon Heritage - 香港霓虹承光 @霓虹黯色街招 streetsignhk @香港華戈書法, etc (more to come). TNX aims at initiating the joint efforts for this kickstarter campaign. The further and wider the news can go, the more likely the goal can be reached by 8 Oct.

It is not unheard of that covid-19 has put countless industries worldwide through a very trying time including publishing houses and Pascal has no choice but to raise the final chunk of funds to allow the book to go to print as scheduled. Can we stress this is not only a photobook but also serves as an archive. With the last one being made available probably around the early 2000s and mostly out of print, our city well deserves another one with substance.

Pascal has already done the work for us because he cares enough. Now it is up to us to make it happen. How would you choose?

Pascal霓虹相集Hong Kong Neon的内容括此片段其實得來一點不易,對於一個不諳廣東話而又没有和本地霓虹業任何直接聯繫的外國人來説,籌備過程遇到不少阻滯。單單請求訪問那方面已吃了不少閉門羹,但他並没因此而放棄。


我們同時從Pascal口中得悉,過程中幸運地遇到不少香港人主動提供無私的協助,令他對此城市更有感情。由此可見,香港霓虹能拉近人和人之間的距離。當我們TNX知道箇中小故事後,便開始尋找和嘗試連繫不同曾經或正在出力的人丶専頁或機構等 Eldage 傳耆 The Hong Kong Neon Heritage - 香港霓虹承光 霓虹黯色 街招 streetsignhk 香港華戈書法,希望能合力為眾籌項目發揮更大影響力。我們相信越多人知道及關注此事,越大機會能幫助Pascal在限期内達到目標。



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