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The Moment of Truth 令人屏息靜氣的一刻

The Tsui Wah neon sign, completely separated from the exterior of the building, was then lit up once again successfully! Spectators and our staff could hardly contain their excitement, including a little boy standing in the back with his mother. We hope this special Hong Kong neon memory will stay with him (and everyone else!) and even better, be the reason why he will decide to join the neon industry in the future. Sometimes, this is how seeds are sown.

當翠華霓虹招牌與大廈外牆完全分離後我們再成功把它重新亮起一刻,在場人士及我們的工作人員都雀躍地歡呼,其中包括一個和媽媽站在對面大廈圍觀的小男孩。我們希望此難能可貴的霓虹經驗會永留他(及其他所有人!)心中,甚至成為影響他日後投身承傳香港霓虹的一個重要畫面。 有時種子就是這樣不知不覺間種下。


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